Pay the Silverback services conveniently online

Payment via PayPal or credit card

The Silverback appreciates your trust and hopes that you are satisfied with his performance.

In order to minimize the bureaucratic efforts and to optimize processes, the Silverback offers you the possibility to comfortably and easily pay his services directly on this site via PayPal (?) or credit card .

Please follow the instructions below to make your payments.

Payment instructions:

Please enter your customer number and the invoice number in the corresponding fields and then click "Pay Now". Then you will be redirected to an encrypted page that is provided by PayPal. | Screenshot

On the new page, please enter the invoice amount next to "Item Price" and then click "Update". Afterwards you can proceed with the payment. | Screenshot

If you do not have a PayPal account:
After clicking "Update, click on the right on "Pay with a debit or credit card". A form will appear where you can pay with your card without need of signing up to PayPal. | Screenshot

Attention! The default country chosen by PayPal is the United Kingdom. Do not change this setting, otherwise PayPal will require you to sign up in order to make the payment.

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