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Web Design

Good webdesign goes far beyond the good and contemporary appearance of a website. The design should not just be beautiful, first of all it must work well, it must be easy to use, intuitive and useful.

Silverback websites allow comfortable surfing on all browsers and devices, because they are "responsive". They adapt themselves perfectly to the screen sizes of all computers, smartphones and tablets.

The Silverback produces only websites that can be maintained and updated by the customer. To achieve that, he uses the power and flexibility of the open source content management system TYPO3.

Web Development

Specific programs and applications are increasingly finding their way on to the web, on smartphones or tablets. So that they can be used from any computer or mobile device with Internet access.

Web-based applications or apps developed by the Silverback can efficiently comunicate and exchange data with existing sites or be implemented in them.

Social Media

Nowadays social media such as FacebookYouTube or Twitter cannot be ignored as they can offer companies interesting marketing opportunities. Therefore, the Silverback creates profiles and pages on social media and links them with each other and with the websites of the clients.

Are you an advertising or a communication agency?

Well then contact the Silverback and inform yourself about different types of cooperation.

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